Friday, January 30, 2009

What a fun afternoon to go with Kayla and Steve and Great Grandma Jaynes. We went and toured the temple. Mckayla was so interested in the Baptismal font and the oxen that held it up. She then loved the sparkling lights which were the Beautiful Chandeliers. It was so peaceful and beautiful in there. Mckayla had to brag to Brita and Dayton and Ellie and she was so excited that she could show them the Pamphlet and showed her dad this morning. She also was impressed with the film and then the big bus ride we went on to get to the temple. They also had cookies and small bottle water for a treat after.I hope it was a great experience for her and hope someday she may will want to go there again. We then met up with Mel and went to dinner for our anniversary at texas roadhouse where most of them enjoyed the yummy peanuts before. It is so funny having all these experiences with Kayla. Love her lots.

Draper Temple Open House

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Grandma Learned her lesson

Well Today I decided to be a good grandma and take Kayla to school all the time for Melanie sense of worry and also for mine. But I blew it. I took her and she was playing with friends and so I decided to leave but school hadn't started yet but she was having fun. So I left and I told her I would come and check to see that she gets on the bus. Well after I left her before school started she went in the back and was playing on the playground and I guess the bell rang and she didn't know what door to go in so she started to cry and one of the parents took her to the office and she got in her class. So when I went to see that she got on the bus she said she wanted to ride with me. Which i didn't care and so she told me her story. Of Course I felt terrible and she told me never to let that happen again. So I felt guilty as all get out so we had 3 of her friends come over after lunch and they played for 3 hrs. So I guess I made up for some of it. Her mom told her if I did it again that I would have to take her to the toy store and buy her 10 toys. So Mckayla is still wanting the toys so she still thinks she ought to get something. She told me tonight that when I take her to school I have to wait until she is in the school. So I made her a promi9se that I would make sure she is inside before I leavel Hard lesson learned but I still feel real bad. Thank heavens she forgave me. Love her to death.

Kayla playing

Grandma in Trouble